We’re proud to introduce the Contactless Settlement Documentary Kit™

For the safety of your clients, our staff, and the community at large, Juris Productions is temporarily suspending in-person filming during the COVID-19 crisis. But our expert storytellers have found a way to continue creating the powerful presentations for mediation that have been our hallmark for the past 18 years.

What’s in the kit?
Weighing in at less than four pounds, it has everything your client needs to gather what Juris Productions uses to create a powerful settlement documentary, including:
∙ A cellular videoconferencing device
∙ Microphone
∙ Lighting
∙ An easy-to-use camcorder
∙ A USB drive for gathering family photos and home videos
∙ Simple instructions

How does it work?

∙ We drop off or ship the sanitized Contactless Settlement DocumentWe drop off or ship the sanitized Contactless Settlement Documentary KitTM to your client.
∙ We coach your client on how to use the equipment.
∙ We conduct remote interviews with your client, their family and friends and your retained experts.
∙ We walk your clients through gathering the materials to help tell their story
∙ We teach family members or friends to help us get the video we use to enhance and complement your client’s story, using the supplied camcorder.
∙ Your clients call us to pick up the kit from their doorstep, or ship it back using a supplied prepaid label.
∙ Juris Productions creates a powerful settlement documentary for your case.

Do they really work?

We’ve already created powerful documentaries using this contactless approach.

“The mediator told me it was one of the best settlement documentaries he’s seen— contactless or not. It helped us get the case resolved at the first mediation and take care of our client and her family for the rest of her life.”

Attorney Daniel Balaban of Balaban|Spielberger

How do I get started?

Call us at 626-356-3006 and we’ll walk you through the process and pricing.