Video Services

Award Winning Storytelling Experts®

It takes a team of highly-skilled professionals to create a Juris Productions settlement documentary including producers, writers, videographers, editors, narrators and technicians. We’re expert storytellers– former television journalists with the skill set to create a presentation that is persuasive and compelling and makes an impact.

Settlement Documentaries

Juris Productions settlement documentaries help you settle cases faster for maximum damages. Our expert storytellers® communicate the strength of your case to defense counsel and insurance adjustors through a compelling documentary. 

We have produced literally hundreds of documentaries on just about every type of case. Each one is custom crafted. Chances are, we’ve worked on a case like yours. Settlement documentaries are created specifically for mediation and are not designed to be admissible in court. Our clients send the documentaries to opposing counsel in advance of mediation or play it during the session.

“In Their Own Words” Presentation

Especially effective for wrongful death and injury cases, we interview family members affected by a loss and edit excerpts from the interviews with family photos, home video and our professional video to allow them to tell their story in their words. “In Their Own Words” presentations are also ideal for cases with smaller budgets in which a settlement documentary would be cost prohibitive.

Day-in-the-life Videos

Our day-in-the-life videos are produced to show jurors how your client’s damages affect their daily life. Whether your client has suffered paralysis, brain injury or orthopedic injury, we can demonstrate what abilities your client has lost and what assistance they require. 

Day-in-the-life videos are designed to be evidence. Our expert videographer spends a day with your client documenting their injury. We have the experience to capture the moments that will resonate with jurors. The video is then edited to tell the story of how your client suffers on any typical day in their life.

Rainmaker Videos™​

You’ve seen what we can do for your cases. Now see what we can do for your firm.

Now you can put the power of Juris Productions expert storytellers® on your firm’s marketing team. We can create a video showcase of your firm for your website or trade show. Or, let us produce client testimonial videos to show your potential clients your success stories. If you’re actively seeking attorney referrals, we can produce a video to tell other firms the benefits of referring a specific type of case to your firm. We can also help give your firm’s lobby a professional look with a custom-designed digital sign.