We’re proud to introduce the Contactless Settlement Documentary Kit™

For the safety of your clients, our staff, and the community at large, Juris Productions is temporarily suspending in-person filming during the COVID-19 crisis. But our expert storytellers have found a way to continue creating the powerful presentations for mediation that have been our hallmark for the past 18 years. What’s in the kit? Weighing […]

Contactless’ Videos Give Attorneys an Edge In COVID-19 Era

For the past 18 years, our company, Juris Productions, has been creating powerful documentaries and Day in the Life videos for plaintiffs’ attorneys that have regularly helped them obtain seven and eight-figure settlements in personal injury, wrongful death, product liability and a host of other types of cases. And while the pandemic has also affected […]

Making the Case: The Boeing Disaster

It was one year ago tomorrow – October 29, 2018 – that Lion Air Flight 610 crashed off the coast of Indonesia. All 189 on board were killed. The crash was the first of two involving the Boeing 737-MAX and would lead to the grounding of that aircraft worldwide. In June, Rob Feldman, Keiko Feldman and Steve Holzer of Juris Productions traveled […]

The Key To Issues-Based Publicity

Scathing headlines about a bad behavior or accusations of corporate negligence can send corporate executives and public officials into a crisis management tailspin. Nothing gets administrators more rattled than negative publicity that can trigger public outrage and damage stock prices. Read More